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Schefter: Marvin Lewis Demanding Upgraded Training Facilities And Player Personnel Department

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We wrote last week that perhaps the most important person related one way or another to the Cincinnati Bengals, is head coach Marvin Lewis. Why? Because if Mike Brown and the Bengals really want Lewis to return -- and from their perspective, Lewis has done a lot of good with so little inside the organization -- then the Bengals will have to make changes.

But what are those changes?

According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Lewis is demanding an "upgrade their training facilities and their player personnel department" and was so "adamant on these issues that it is the reason he declined to sign the contract extension offered him before this season."

Schefter writes that there's no indication that the Bengals are willing to make any changes and that if they don't, Lewis will not return.

The Bengals and Marvin Lewis will meet next week and the Bengals and Lewis' future should be known as early as Tuesday.

And yes, if Lewis returns and the Bengals capitulate to his demands, then the Bengals will be that much closer to modernization like the rest of the NFL and therefore, he becomes the most important person related one way or another to the Cincinnati Bengals. If not, then the Bengals will remain status quo, yet the hatred for Brown will get even worse because he actively refused to improve the organization... and we'll know about it.