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Marvin Lewis: Mike Brown Would Like To Build Indoor Practice Facility "At Some Point"

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During his post-game press conference, which sounded very final in many respects if you read between the lines, Marvin Lewis talked about how proud he was of the team fighting at the end of the season, considering they only had four wins.

“I don’t know what happens from here but what I am sure of is how these players have fought their tails off and how it really got to the point that they understand what it takes to win. We didn’t achieve our goals but the group that’s in the locker room has the path figured out. It’s a little windy at times but we have it figured out. It’s a good thing to build upon. Even though we didn’t get a win I’m proud of how the coaches and players worked. It’s a good springboard. I can’t answer where things are for me personally or professionally.”

Marvin Lewis did say that one of the things that may force Mike Brown to build an indoor stadium is the likelihood that the league might be expanding to an 18-game season. Per the Enquirer's Joe Reedy:

Lewis did say that he has talked with Mike Brown about an indoor practice facility and that Brown wants to get it done at some point, especially with an 18-game season on the horizon.

"At some point" sounds like appeasement. Like telling your parents you'll do the dishes at some point, fully intending to let them stack until they can't stand the rising china in the sink and the colony of flies already building a library and hospital. Our guess is that Lewis' meaning of "at some point" is another way of saying, yes, he'll build one, but not soon enough for me to stick around.