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Marvin Lewis: It's Not About Whether The Bengals Want Me, It's About Whether I Want To Return

When we said that we'd be focusing on Marvin Lewis' future with the Bengals, now that the season is over, we weren't lying. You know the story so far. And if you don't here's the quick version with links: Marvin Lewis issued demands. Marvin Lewis on short list of Pitt coaching candidates. Marvin Lewis said that Mike Brown would like an indoor practice facility at some point.

Now you're completely caught up.

During NBC's Football Night in America, Peter King spoke to Marvin Lewis after Cincinnati's 13-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens.

"Talk to Lewis this afternoon after his game against Baltimore. His contract is up in Cincinnati. Everybody is assuming he's not going to be back. And I asked him about it and he said listen 'it isn't only about whether the Bengals want me back, it's whether I want to return.' So I think that thing is headed for divorce."

On the other hand, Geoff Hobson writes that Lewis would like to return.

Asked after the game if he would like to come back to Cincinnati, Lewis said "yes."

"We sit down, we talk and we all agree," he said of what it would take for him to come back.

The agreement is reportedly the basis of Schefter's ESPN report.