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Marvin Lewis To Chad Ochocinco: Win Football Games If You Want People To Talk About You

You're well versed on it. We've written on it several times. However, that doesn't mean new readers haven't stopped by to join us in our hot tub of Bengals love. About a month ago, the wide receiver wasn't practicing with bone spurs at the end of the year. Head coach Marvin Lewis said he was "mopey". Chad angrily tweeted:

This is how they treat you when you hurt, the things you don't get to see as fans---> #sdutless than a minute ago via Rock Software

Since when the fuck am I ever mopey? I'm injured for the 1st time in 9 years and it's called being mopey, unless I'm dead then I get respectless than a minute ago via Rock Software

Chad was angry enough to say he wasn't sure he could coexist any longer with Marvin Lewis after the head coach signed a two-year deal several weeks ago.

On Monday night, Chad Ochocinco tweeted to the Boston Herald's Ian Rapoport: "@RapSheet PePe and Bill #EPIC." This drove many to conclude that Chad was working on getting himself released or traded off the team, in the hopes that the Patriots would pick him up. Unfortunately for Chad, players can't be traded before the expiring CBA and unless the Bengals can acquire draft picks for the 2012 NFL Draft after a new CBA is resolved, a trade really doesn't make sense.

When asked about it, Lewis simply said:

"Nobody was talking about him. He didn't stand that," Lewis said. "You want them to talk about you, win football games."