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Charting The Bengals Activity With This Year's Prospects

Last year we tracked every workout, Pro Day, interest (even if it were rumor), as we could and put it in a nice chart to keep track of. Note: for all of the guys we tracked, the Bengals only drafted one guy (Jermaine Gresham). This list was comprised of reports from local beat writers, draft gurus and wherever else we could get our hands on some information. If it was reported, we tried to convey it. So the following is a chart of prospects with respective activity which will grow as time moves on. A couple of things to note:

1) This is NOT a definite list of Bengals activity. They very well could be doing other things, or visited other schools and it just wasn't reported. We can't assume which schools that they visit until those that post the story explicitly say so.

2) Pro Days are tricky. With many schools, there's between 10-20 people showing off their measurables in front of scouts. The best we can do is figure out which of our coaches attended and the most likely person that they're checking out. For example, our defensive backs coach isn't checking offensive guards, is he?

If there's anything we missed, please let us know.

Click the header of a column to sort it. Click the player's name to learn more about the Bengals' interest in them. You need to let the page load entirely before sorting the data.

Position Player School Exhib. Games Private Workout / Host Pro Day Rumored Interest Local Pro Day
OG Randall Hunt Illinois x