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Mike Brown: Brad Childress Not Coming To The Bengals

It seemed strange that of all days, former Vikings head coach Brad Childress would drop by Cincinnati on his way to Florida right in the middle of a minor snow storm. Yet, there was no fear in the mustached man from a collapsing roof due to heavy snow -- not that 5-6 inches is really that heavy. It just seemed like a really good segue at the time. Meeting Marvin Lewis at Jeff Ruby's Thursday night, the pair reportedly talked X's and O's while Lewis also, according to WCPO's Dennis Janson, introduced him to "some local acquaintances who also happened to be dining."

As if it possibly couldn't, this generated conversations between the fans and media about the team looking at Childress for a possible offensive coordinator position. And if not Childress, a under-the-table method of showing fans that they do plan on making changes. And if that happened, the city of Cincinnati would turn into this.

Not that it matters. According to Geoff Hobson, Mike Brown apparently told the media straight up that Brad Childress is not coming to the Bengals.

Here's where it could get interesting. Marvin Lewis HAD to know that entertaining Childress would generate the exact conversations that were generated. It's one thing to have dinner. It's another to be so unaware of your surroundings talking "X's and O's" and then parading your buddy around like everyone should get to know this man because you'll be seeing him again. And it just so happened that Lewis knew most of the people there?

Was Lewis publicly, though indirectly, showing fans that they were making an eventual change? And if so, was Childress considered and Mike Brown said absolutely not? If that's the case, then the supposed change that's been promised was nothing more than a lie. Then again, it actually makes sense. The Bengals changing from incompetence to sustained success would have been too much for us to handle.

What is with me and conspiracies today?

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