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Thornton: This Thing Could Drag Out

Now that Palmer's agent, David Dunn, has released an official statement, any doubts that this is just some sort of sick joke or an Orson Welles worthy attempt at scaring all Bengals fans to death can be put to bed. This is as real as it gets.

Today, All Pro Blogger John Thornton discussed Dunn's ties with the Bengals and other teams in the NFL and just how serious Palmer is about leaving Cincinnati.

Just wanted to give a little back round on David Dunn, Carson’s agent.  I hired him and Athletes First after the 2005 season.  Good classy people and they work well with top QBs.  From Drew Bledsoe, Trent Dilfer, M Hassleback, Palmer, M Sanchez, A Rodgers, and many more.  So they know what they are doing here.  They have a great relationship with the Bengals as well.  Not only doing Carson’s deal, but did Corey Dillon’s, TJ Houshmandzadeh’s deal, Akili Smith’s, and DC Mike Zimmer’s deal.  I could probably find more names but you get the point.  These guys wouldn’t let something like this get out unless they meant business.

It seems that Palmer, being the always classy guy that he is, and his agent originally tried to keep this issue in house with Mike Brown. However, now that Brown said "no" to Palmer's request to be traded, Dunn releasing the information to the press screams that Palmer is very serious about his wishes to end his career in a uniform that isn't orange and black. It may indicate that if Brown doesn't play ball, Palmer could be just as serious about ending his career by retiring.

Obviously, until there is a new CBA agreement, Palmer trade talks are completely pointless. If Palmer follows through with retirement and the NFL goes into lockout mode, like it's expected to, Brown could see himself staring down the barrel of a gun loaded with a roster containing a recently drafted rookie quarterback (maybe), Jordan Palmer, Dan LeFevour. They wouldn't be able to sign a free agent quarterback until a new CBA is agreed on and by the time that happens, training camp could be over or the season could have already started. That's just a bad scenario for all of us.

However, because of Dunn's connections around the league, Brown, knowing that Palmer is serious about his decision, could decide to make a deal even though he said he wouldn't.

I’m also sure that they know the current QB market out there and have a good place in mind for Carson.  If the Bengals told Dave to go out and find us a good deal for Palmer, I’m sure he could.  But if Mike Brown says no, this could drag out.  How about Carson to the 49ers?  Jim Harbaugh just signed a big deal to become the 49ers new coach and the have zero QBs.  And guess who negotiated the deal for Harbaugh?  David Dunn.

If Palmer's written statement to the press through his agent is in fact a sign that he is extremely serious about wanting to leave the Bengals, even if it means retirement, Brown may have no choice but to make some sort of deal before he finds himself up a creek without a quarterback.

Of course, he could always just change some things to make Palmer happy enough to stay. That almost makes too much sense.

Either way, the ball is in his court now.

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