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Marvin Lewis: "Belichick's Smarter Than That"

Here's some news that doesn't involve Carson Palmer wanting to leave Cincinnati, just in case you're sick of hearing about that already. Unfortunately, this news isn't much better.

Chad Ochocinco (yep, it's about him) is mad again because of a reported conversation between Boston Herald reporter Ian Rapoport and Marvin Lewis about him after the North team finished their Senior Bowl practice.

Me: I have a question about Chad, though I know you’ve been asked a bunch of those questions…

Lewis: "Who? Is he in this game? Then I don’t worry about that."

Me: Not quite in this game, but he did send me a message recently about possibly playing with the Patriots. That surprised me…

Lewis: "Belichick’s smarter than that." (Laughs)

Me: Well, they did take Randy Moss in ‘07…

Lewis: "Yeah, and what did he do this year?"

Me: Yeah, well… But can (Ochocinco) still play?

Lewis: "I don’t want to talk about Chad."

Of course, you already know Chad's response to hearing about this from his Tweets that I posted earlier today.

There you go. If you were tired of all the Carson Palmer drama, I just gave you something to keep your mind off of it for a while. It's about the same thing as breaking your fingers so you forget about the headache you had.

You're welcome.

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