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What Has To Happen For The Bengals To Get It?

Let's go through all that's happened in the past month.

Marvin Lewis refuses to sign a contract, even publicly stating that unless things change, he is not going to re-sign. After that, a survey led by the Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy said that of 176 respondents, 117 claimed that they are not planning on renewing their season tickets. Finally, the team's franchise quarterback that's "central to everything" they do, demanded a trade, going so far as to say that he'd rather retire than return.

How do the Bengals respond?

Marvin Lewis signs a contract, telling us that changes are on the horizon. What changes? We don't know. And we're not exactly sure if we believe anyone on what's being defined as change at this point. Bengals Public Relations Director Jack Brennan responded to the fan survey, saying:

Though last season was a disappointment, Coach Lewis has already begun to outline the steps planned to quickly return to and exceed our 2009 level. Many of his thoughts were spelled out in an interview with The Enquirer last week, with the message that hard work for a successful 2011 has already begun.

Unfortunately, the actual plans for change were not "spelled out" and fans are no less leading themselves away in droves, with Carson Palmer leading them away. And speaking of Palmer, Mike Brown simply said that it's illogical for Palmer to file for retirement as his only leverage for his trade demand. So they'll bring him back.

And of the fans, head coach and franchise quarterback all demanding change, and none expected to come, what exactly has to happen for this owner understand that he's lost the fans that his father strongly built over the generations?

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