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The T.Ocho Show On Versus: Chad Ochocinco And Terrell Owens Respond To Carson Palmer Trade Demand

On Monday night, Jason posted quotes from Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens from this week's The T.Ocho show on Versus as both wide receivers reflect on Carson Palmer's demand for a trade. You didn't actually think that they wouldn't comment on the matter, did you?

"At this point where Carson is in his career, I think he's extremely frustrated with the way things are run with management," said Ochocinco. "Maybe he doesn't get along with the head coach. I don't know what it is. I think there might be a little frustration on the part of the fans really not embracing him as a quarterback. I think it's a bunch of stuff that's built up to this point to where Carson is feeling the way he feels."

Terrell Owens said: "If he's asking for a trade, he obviously wasn't comfortable with the rehiring of Marvin Lewis," Owens said. "He's been very stealth and discreet with his message, but he's saying there's a problem without saying there's a problem."

Here's a preview to tonight's The T.Ocho Show On Versus.

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