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Mel Kiper Jr's 2005 NFL Re-Draft: Bengals Select Running Back Frank Gore

Mel Kiper Jr. ran a feature, redrafting the 2005 NFL draft (In$ider). The premise is simple. The same teams keep their draft slots they drafted in 2005 while every team redrafts with what they know of the players today. It's only real purpose is to show how well certain players have performed since that draft took place nearly six years ago.

For example, the San Francisco 49ers drafted Alex Smith with their first overall pick. This time around, Aaron Rodgers would be the obvious selection with the run he's had in the past few seasons.

Chicago drafted Cedric Benson fourth overall in the real world, but picked up Trent Cole in Kiper's fun world. Benson would fall to 28th to San Diego.

As for the Bengals, Kiper has the team selecting running back Frank Gore 17th overall.

Gore could have helped balance the attack, something the Bengals lacked until they managed to get Benson going.

David Pollack, the player that the Bengals eventually selected, would only play 16 games before suffering a career-ending neck injury.