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Aaron Wilson: Bengals Players Want A More Serious Approach To Football Without Controversies And Distractions

National Football Posts' Aaron Wilson writes that "several players, including Palmer, want a more serious approach to football without constant controversies and distractions." This was learned, of course, after Palmer requested a trade that caused many Bengals fans to write a three-letter acronym that begins with the letter "W" and ends with the letter "F". Not that many of us blame Palmer of his desire to be on a more stable football team -- though it didn't really help that point by pointing out three teams in the NFC West -- it surprised us that he did it and with that much resolve.

One reason Palmer has requested a trade is due to his displeasure with the atmosphere that enveloped the team last season as the team struggled despite the presence of veteran wide receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, according to league sources with knowledge of the situation.

And it hasn't helped that the "circus atmosphere" keeps adding new acts that makes determining the headline act harder to determine. Marvin Lewis' struggles to force Mike Brown to capitulate to his demands. The press conference announcing Lewis' return. Chad Ochocinco/Johnson and the Marvin Lewis feud turning so childish that my eight-year old little brother said, "grow up" when reading that post.

But a more serious approach to football? What could that mean? We can assume a restructure of the team's business model, the advancement towards improved scouting services, a general manager and an owner that has no business owning an NFL team taking a step back, with his entire family, and letting the football operations run with more qualified minds. Maybe better coaches, to reset an offensive philosophy that's required multiple remakes just so teams weren't that experienced with defending it. And perhaps no more reality shows, tweets or whatever else that promotes the person rather than the team. We're sure it's a combination of some, or the sum of all, that's contributed to some player's serious desire to play for an organized and competent organization.

Regardless how you look at it, it's very hard to blame Carson Palmer or anyone else who wants to leave town. After everything we experienced from the 90s through 2002, it's actually hard to believe that this team is reaching a new low. Yet, there it is.

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