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Adam Schefter On Mike Brown: Most Stubborn Executive In All Of Football

ESPN Insider Adam Schefter joined Mike and Mike In The Morning on Wednesday to talk about Carson Palmer's trade demand (who isn't talking about it?). Schefter had strong words on Mike Brown's stubbornness and related a story several years ago when Mike Brown denied Washington's offer for two first round picks for Chad Ochocinco/Johnson.

Here's what Schefter had to say.

"Mike Brown, who runs the Bengals and makes the decisions for that organization, had a chance three years ago to trade Chad Ochocinco for two first round draft picks to the Washington Redskins. And he told the Washington Redskins, don't even waste your time calling me, I will not trade him. Now you look at that right now and say, you could have gotten two first round picks for Chad Ochocinco, soon to be Chad Johnson, are you kidding me? You got to go make that deal. He wouldn't even listen to it. Wouldn't even entertain the idea of it.

"And now, he's saying the same thing with Carson Palmer. So what's going to happen is, Carson Palmer wants out of there. And going to be up to Carson Palmer and his agent Dave Dunn, to apply as much pressure as they can on maybe the most stubborn executive in all of football. When Andy Reid says he's not trading Donovan McNabb, things change. When Josh McDaniels said he's not trading Jay Cutler, things change. When Mike Brown says he's not trading Carson Palmer, he means it.

"And this will be the biggest challenge of Carson Palmer and Dave Dunn's career to figure out a way to get him out of Cincinnati. There will be no shortage of teams that want him. Pete Carroll coached him in college. Arizona needs a quarterback. San Francisco is where Carson Palmer's wife's from and they need a quarterback. You could look at any number of the NFC West teams and then throw in the Raiders with Hue Jackson who worked with Carson Palmer in Cincinnati. That's not the issue, finding a landing spot.

"The issue is getting Mike Brown to deal him and all I can say on that one is, I'm not going to say it can't happen, but good luck on that one."

The guys asked whether Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens will stick with the Bengals next year.

"My guess would be both receivers are gone. And if you saw at the end of the year last year, Andre Caldwell and Jerome Simpson, they stepped up pretty well for the Bengals. Jordan Shipley is a good young receiver. And I think that for whatever reason, those two receivers cause enough headaches with that team, I think the organization is ready to move on."

And fans are slowly thinking the same thing about the Bengals.

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