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WKNR Reports: Cincinnati Bengals In Talks With Bernie Kosar

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According to WKNR's Tony Rizzo, the Cincinnati Bengals and New England Patriots have been in talks with former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar about a position. According to, Rizzo was talking mostly about front office positions, a fact that has yet to be confirmed or substantiated through another source.

Kosar, who had to pay $228,806 in back taxes from 2006 two years late, declared bankruptcy in 2009 listing $9.2 million in assets and $18.9 million in debt, which was changed from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 in 2010. Mike Brown reads Kosar's Wiki page and he'll be like, "ah, hell no."

Kosar was last hired by the Cleveland Browns as a consultant on October 17, 2009.