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Marvin Lewis Becomes The Second-Most Tenured Head Coach In The AFC After Jeff Fisher's Departure

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With Jeff Fischer reportedly taking (maybe) half of a reported eight million dollar buyout to resign as the Tennessee Titans' head coach, Andy Reid becomes the most tenured head coach in the NFL with the same team. Taking over for Ray Rhodes, who finished 3-13 in 1998, Reid has been the Eagles head coach for 12 seasons. Behind him, Bill Belichick, is the most tenured coach with the same team in the AFC, taking over the New England Patriots in 2000.

Jack Del Rio was signed as the Jacksonville Jaguars head coach in 2003, the same year that Marvin Lewis signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. Both represent the second-longest tenured head coaches in the AFC with the same team.

And of the top four most tenured coaches in the NFL, Marvin Lewis is the only head coach with a losing record and no post-season wins to his career.

Coach Hired Record Playoffs
Andy Reid 1999 118-73-1 10-9
Bill Belichick 2000 126-50 14-5
Jack Del Rio 2003 65-63 1-2
Marvin Lewis 2003 60-67-1 0-2

And to close the book on Jeff Fisher's story, according to John Clayton, his departure was in part due to nepotism.