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Week In Review: Bengals Players Want Ownership To Take A More Serious Approach To Football

On Wednesday, National Football Post writer Aaron Wilson wrote a post that would have normally generated much more attention if not for recent developments regarding Carson Palmer. Then again, the whole Palmer demand for a trade news put thick blinders on our eyes, taking us away from other developments with this club.

According to Wilson, Palmer is only one of several players that "want a more serious approach to football without constant controversies and distractions." While news like this is somewhat new, considering the Bengals tend to be more of a circus than a professional football organization, it's not really a surprise among Bengals fans; especially those of us that had to experience the Age of Helplessism (from 1991-2002). Last Sunday, Chris Mortensen wrote Palmer's frustration grew "with the team's inconsistencies", which we're sure has a lot to do with what Wilson is writing about, along with ownership's inability not to embarrass themselves and the organization every waking hour.

So let's see.

Marvin Lewis publicly demands change for him to return. Check.

Superstar franchise quarterback demands a trade, electing to retire than to return. Check.

Bengals players want a more serious approach to football. Check.

The Bengals front office remains aloof to the team's needs, ignores their players while playing Shoots and Ladders during his journey towards devolution before becoming unhinged because of some mental psychotic disorder. It's the only explanation.