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Reedy: No Announcement On Marvin Lewis' Future Expected On Monday

The biggest news since the team's season ended with a 13-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, is the future of the team's head coach Marvin Lewis. Lewis, who is the only human being on the face of the Earth to have produced some success with the current Bengals management structure, simply wants to have a fair competitive balance much like other NFL teams have, especially in the division.

Those changes include an indoor practice facility, improved personnel department and the ability to release coaches. If Lewis gets those changes, then he stays and the Bengals are that much closer to being competitive, in terms of the team's organizational structure compared to other NFL teams. Hence why we say that Lewis could be the most important person related to the Cincinnati Bengals during the Mike Brown era.

Either way, according to the Enquirer's Joe Reedy, a decision won't be announced on Monday. That doesn't mean one hasn't been made; only that the Bengals won't officially announce it until they're good and ready.

But that still doesn't mean you can't come back 420 times today, wearing out your "refresh" button on your favorite internet browser. After all, mostly all Bengals related headliner news rarely comes from the team.