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Lance McAlister Poll: 72% Say They Are Not Renewing Their Season-Ticket Seats

According to a Joe Reedy article last week, two-thirds of 176 respondents say they are not going to renew their season tickets. This was published several hours before ESPN's Chris Mortensen shocked us all with a report that Carson Palmer was demanding a trade or he'll retire. So he claims. This was before the Chad Ochocinco and Marvin Lewis spat included a steel cage and an impromptu TNA Wrestling promotional poster.

It's been a rough two weeks for the Bengals. Yet, it's not like they haven't earned their titles.

And yet, it's getting worse.

According to a poll by Lance McAlister, of season ticket holders with 541 total seat, "72% say they are not renewing, 18% say they are renewing, 9% say they are not sure."

Many fans have long held the belief that fans not showing up at the stadium would prompt Mike Brown and the Bengals front office to change. And maybe that will apply now. But through 1991-2002, there were many games with many open seats and it took "change" after the 2002 season? Tell me, what happened to the other seasons before that?