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Open Thread: The 2011 NFL Pro Bowl

Many call the NFL Pro Bowl more meaningless than a preseason game. And I have to agree. In a preseason game, bubble players hoping to catch onto a team play with passion to make a squad so they can have a job that year. In the Pro Bowl, all-star NFL players play with little to no effort, and for a good reason. These guys are not going to risk injury for a meaningless game.

For Bengals fans, the Pro Bowl holds even less meaning, with the AFC Roster void of any Bengals players, even though Andrew Whitworth was voted as the number one offensive tackle through the Fan Vote. Would anyone care if they held the Pro Bowl vote, to honor the best players that season but stopped playing the game?

The game will kickoff at 7 p.m. on Fox.

If you don't want to talk about the Pro Bowl, you can chat about anything you want. Such as all of the recent issues facing the Bengals, such as decreasing season ticket holders or the team asking for $43 million from a broke Hamilton County even though they have one of the worst run front offices in the NFL.