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Chad Ochocinco: Is It Right That Players Care More About Success Than The Owner?

Like we said, if the Carson Palmer trade demand doesn't happen, then Aaron Wilson's posting on National Football Post would receive more attention. On Wednesday, Wilson wrote that several players, including Carson Palmer, "want a more serious approach to football without constant controversies and distractions."

The truth is, the idea of what that could be is somewhat vague, but we largely assume it's the front office's inability to be displayed as a joke both locally amongst fans and around the NFL. We have a hard time believing that other NFL owners wouldn't raise an eyebrow to Mike Brown, who receives a lot of money from the league and presents the league with a 4-12 team and a franchise quarterback that demands a trade.

Everyone wants change. The fans obviously want change. The franchise quarterback wants change. The head coach wants change (though he returned anyway). Though he was mostly talking about coaches, even Cedric Benson wants change. Now, as Wilson points out, a lot of the players want it too.

And now Chad Ochocinco points it all out in a very simple Tweet on Sunday.

If you have a business is it right for the people that work for you to care more about success than the rightful owner itself?less than a minute ago via Rock Software

Like him or hate him, Chad is right to ask the question. No, he's not ruffling feathers. Nor is he being inflammatory. He's asking a question that we've been asking for a long time now.