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Carson Palmer's Agent Expected To Meet The Bengals "In The Next Couple Weeks"

Who knows what the resolution will be between Carson Palmer and the Cincinnati Bengals at this point. As much as some fans want Palmer to leave, the Senior Bowl didn't promote much confidence with quarterbacks that will be entering the NFL Draft. And that doesn't include players like Cam Newton or Ryan Mallett, who project more as projects than guys that could step in immediately.

The Bengals hardly have anyone in-house to step in. Jordan Palmer, soon to be a restricted free agent, has thrown 15 career passes in the NFL, two of which have gone for interceptions. Dan LeFevour, the team's third-string quarterback, completed 19 of 41 passes for 204 yards and a passer rating of 59.4 in four preseason games with the Chicago Bears.

And then there's the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Not only would the team have to wait to sign a veteran quarterback when a new CBA is signed, they'd have to get that veteran quarterback up-to-speed quickly with the offensive system -- an argument that impacts rookie quarterbacks as well.

In truth, the Bengals have to feel that Carson Palmer is their best option for 2011. And we're not sure if they're not completely wrong in that. Additionally, Palmer might know all of that, therefore this is his way to force the Bengals' hand -- if you're like me and don't believe everything you see at face value.

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer's Joe Reedy, the Bengals and Palmer's agent David Dunn are "expected to meet in the next couple weeks." The Bengals could persuade that they'll do everything in their power to surround Palmer with the tools to succeed. And Palmer could say that it's not enough. He wants more change. Regardless, I'm sure we'll hear more in the coming weeks.