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Does Bob Bratkowski Firing Mean A Ken Zampese Promotion To Offensive Coordinator?

Now that Bob Bratkowski has been fired (that just rolls off the tongue like the strings off of a harp being played in heaven), the Bengals will have to consider who will replace him.

Many consider Bengals quarterback coach Ken Zampese to be a favorite. And in truth, it makes sense why he would be.

The first thought that popped in my head was, did they do this to accommodate Carson Palmer? Is this one of those things that the team believed will give Palmer a great chance to succeed, as they've reportedly wanted to do? If that's the case, then what coach would have a better understanding of the quarterback than the quarterbacks coach, Ken Zampese?

Additionally, Zampese has worked under the same Bob Bratkowski offensive system for the past eight seasons. And the system has worked for a time, ranking in the top ten for three seasons. It's the play-calling that's often been the downfall of Bratkowski. However, if there is a work stoppage, it wouldn't take players time to adjust to the new terminology and philosophy that comes with a new system because it's already in place.

There's always a chance that the Bengals look beyond their own house for a replacement, like Jim Zorn. But this isn't a normal offseason that's clouded with uncertainty regarding the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Either way, we actually didn't expect the Bengals to pull the trigger on Bratkowski. So who knows what they'll do now.

Zampese's resume

Season(s) Team Position
2003-2010 Cincinnati Bengals Quarterbacks Coach
2002 St. Louis Rams Passing Game Coach
2001 St. Louis Rams Wide Receivers Coach
2000 St. Louis Rams Offensive Assistant
1999 Green Bay Packers Offensive Assistant
1998 Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Assistant
1996-97 Miami University Passing Game Coordinator and QB Coach
1995 Northern Arizona Offensive Coordinator
1992-94 Northern Arizona Wide Receivers Coach
1990-91 Southern California Graduate Assistant Secondary Coach
1989 University of San Diego Secondary Coach