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Hobson: Bengals Likely to Look Outside the Organization for a New Offensive Coordinator

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Just in case you don't know, like if you literally crawled out from under a massive rock just five minutes ago, the Bengals fired offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski today. Obviously, wishing really hard at every shooting star, making wishes at 11:11 (a.m. and p.m.) and pulling out all of my eye lashes and blowing them out of my fingers has worked (you have no idea how important eye lashes are until you don't have them anymore.... you're welcome).

Even though many have wondered if the Bengals would promote someone from within the organization, like quarterback's coach Ken Zampese, to be the new offensive coordinator, Geoff Hobson says that it will likely be an outside hire.

It is believed that is going to be the only change on an offensive staff that has taken the bulk of the heat for the Bengals' 4-12 season and indications are it is going to be an outside hire.

If the Bengals do decide to look elsewhere for their new offensive coordinator, Joe Reedy has an idea of who they may contact. He says that Brad Childress, Jeremy Bates, Norm Chow and Jim Zorn may be first to be considered by the Bengals for the job.

Mike Brown has already said that Childress will not be involved with the Bengals in any way in 2011 so we can safely rule him out. Bates, on the other hand, could be considered even though he only has one season of experience as an offensive coordinator.

Jeremy Bates — Lasted only one season as Seattle’s offensive coordinator. According to’s Mike Sando, one of the reasons why he thought Pete Carroll got rid of Bates was because Bates is the opposite of Carroll. According to Sando Bates was "gruff and takes a harder line in his approach to players." Then again, that might be the approach this unit needs. Has experience working under Carroll, Jon Gruden and Mike Shanahan.

Carson Palmer may be the most familiar with Norm Chow, who was his offensive coordinator while he played college football at University of Southern California. Reedy also mentioned ex-Raven's coach Jim Zorn has more experience as a quarterbacks coach than an offensive coordinator.

The two coaches that Reedy feels could be promoted from within the organization, if they decide to go that route, are quarterbacks coach Ken Zampese and wide receivers coach Mike Sheppard. Zampese comes from an impressive offensive coordinator pedigree; he's the son of famous offensive coordinator Ernie Zampese who called the plays for the Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, Cowboys and Patriots. In 15 seasons as an offensive coordinator Earnie Zampese only had four teams in which their passing attack wasn't ranked in the top-14.

Less may be known about Sheppard.

Mike Sheppard — Has a 26-year relationship with Lewis. It was Sheppard who hired Lewis to be an assistant at Long Beach State and New Mexico. He has offensive coordinator experience in the league with San Diego, Buffalo and New Orleans. Also has experience as a QB coach if Zampese got promoted.

Now that the Bengals have fired Bob Bratkowski, they're on the hunt for a new offensive coordinator. It's going to be an interesting couple weeks with the news of different coaches coming into Cincinnati to interview. Who do you think should be the new offensive coordinator?