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Re-Poll: Now Would You Renew Your Bengals Season Tickets?

Today, at noon, I posted a poll asking Cincy Jungle readers whether or not they were planning on renewing their season tickets or not. We received 359 votes in five hours. Of the people who had season tickets last year, 61 percent of you (74 votes) said that you would not, 23 percent (29 votes) said you would and 17 percent (19 votes) said you didn't know yet.

Of the people who did not have season tickets to renew, 86 percent (203 votes) of you said that you wouldn't renew them if you had them in the past and only 14 percent (34 votes) said you would.

Now that Mike Brown has decided to let offensive coordinator Bob Bratkowski go, we decided it would be best to ask the same question again. So, are you planning on renewing your season tickets if you had them and would you renew if you did have them?