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NFL Poll: Prilosec Victory Of The Week

The 2010 Regular Season is in the books. For Bengals fans, we're debating a lot of things, about to witness a lot of changes. But that doesn't mean that the NFL world grinds to a halt. Wins during week 17 were meaningful in a lot of games, until they weren't.

The most impressive win, in terms of playoff implications, was the Seattle's 16-6 win over the St. Louis Rams, becoming the first team in the NFL to win a division title and make the playoffs after sporting a losing record. They had to beat the St. Louis Rams to do it, and they did.

The Packers was another one with playoff implications. With a win and losses by the Falcons and Saints, the Bears would earn homefield advantage -- and against teams like the Saints and Falcons, that advantage could have been huge. If the Packers win, they're in the playoffs as the second wild card team and the sixth seed. The Packers beat the Bears 10-3.

Other nominations include wins for teams that didn't matter. Sure, the Colts barely beat the Tennessee Titans, but the Colts were in the playoffs after the Jacksonville Jaguars lost. You could, however, make the argument that Indianapolis' win gives them the third seed and a match against the New York Jets - a team that Peyton Manning has beaten plenty of times.

The Buccaneers win over the Saints and the Giants win over the Redskins, while not being demeaning, had no meaning for the playoffs once the Green Bay Packers beat the Chicago Bears.

Who gets your vote for Prilosec Win of the Week?