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Reports With Updates: Bengals Are Expecting Marvin Lewis To Return

Cincinnati's head coaching situation is summarized like this. Marvin Lewis didn't sign a contract extension that he was offered last year because he demanded an indoor practice facility, upgraded scouting department and the power to choose his own coaches. Once those issues were worked out, then Marvin Lewis would be more inclined to sign an extension to remain as the Bengals head coach.

And according to Adam Schefter, the Bengals are expecting Marvin Lewis to sign with the Bengals within the next 24 hours as the two sides close negotiations.

Bengals expect HC Marvin Lewis now will remain in Cincinnati. The two sides expect to resolve any issues within next 24 hours.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

If Brown just capitulated to Lewis' demands, this might be the greatest day in Bengals history. Not that we're overreacting or anything.

UPDATE: The Enquirer's Joe Reedy confirms most of Schefter's report, saying that a decision is close but "a lot of considerations" are "in the air".

NFL source on Lewis and #bengals: "He's close to a decision but there still are a lot of considerations in the air."less than a minute ago via web

We assume that the considerations are Lewis' demands being fulfilled.

UPDATE: The Mothership Captain Geoff Hobson writes that no agreement has been made yet.

Despite reports the Bengals expect head coach Marvin Lewis to return, there was no agreement after a Tuesday morning meeting and the sides were expected to meet again before noon to re-convene discussions. 

It's believed that there are a variety of issues at play in the negotiations centering around the staffing and scouting and how the March 4 end of the collective bargainning agreement impacts them.

UPDATE: The Mothership updates the reports, writing that both sides have met twice Tuesday morning:

Despite reports the Bengals expect head coach Marvin Lewis to return, there was no agreement after two Tuesday morning meetings and it wasn't known if or when the two sides would meet again.