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Unable To Agree On Franchise's Direction: Marvin Lewis Leaves Bengals Complex Without A Deal

Several hours ago Adam Schefter wrote that the Bengals and Marvin Lewis were close to a deal that would bring the head coach back for a ninth season. Joe Reedy confirmed the report, adding that there's still "a lot of considerations in the air."

For fans and media, it became a waiting game.

For the Bengals and Marvin Lewis, no agreement was reached and the former Bengals head coach left the complex because "the two sides could not agree on franchise's direction", according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Lewis left the Bengals complex when the two sides could not agree on franchise's direction and his future there is in serious jeopardy.less than a minute ago via ÜberTwitter

If the Bengals are not able to bring Lewis back because of Lewis' demands, expect the venom against Bengals ownership to reach an all-time high. What the fans will see through all of this is that the Brown family will not add the simple things to bring their franchise on equal footing with other franchises, instead aiming to become the quickest owner to lose 300 games.

UPDATE: Brad Johansen and Joe Reedy write that talks could be on a break and an argeement could still be made.

Bengals and Marvin Lewis have taken a break in talks today but both sides tell me it doesn't mean they won't talk again today.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Lewis is out of the building but talks may resume at sometime today. Still might be a decision today.Status remains very fluid. #bengalsless than a minute ago via web