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Lewis Committed to Palmer

It is apparent that the more things change the more things stay the same. Every Bengals fan and their brother and their brother's friends ex-girlfriends hair stylist were expecting change galore when the abysmal 2010 season came to an end. Some called for Marvin Lewis to be allowed to leave after the season was over. That didn't happen. Some called for the long running relationship between Cincinnati and Chad Ochocinco to come to an end after the season. Apparently, that is also not going to happen.

One of the biggest themes of the season was fans calling for the end of the Carson Palmer era. Well, if you were hoping for Palmer to not be the starting quarterback in 2011, start hoping for something else because according to Lewis, Palmer is going to be his man next season.

"No question in my mind that Carson Palmer is our quarterback," Lewis said in an appearance on "Mike and Mike in the Morning." "He really weathered quite a storm this year and took another step as a leader."

Palmer threw for 3,970 yards this season, ranking him in the top-10 in passing yards. He was also in the top-10 in touchdowns, throwing for 26. However, he led the AFC in interceptions and tied his career high with 20 interceptions (2007). Only two starting quarterbacks had more interceptions in the regular season than Palmer; Drew Brees threw 22 and Eli Manning threw 25.

Whether or not the Bengals draft a young quarterback in April remains to be seen but it is now clear that if the Bengals do decide to draft a quarterback, it won't be to replace Palmer in the upcoming season.