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Reedy: Marvin Lewis Contract Worth $6.5 Million Over Two Years

When Brad Johansen asked Mike Brown how long Marvin Lewis' deal was for during Monday's press conference, Brown reacted as if Johansen didn't pay for the full cost of the yearly media guide. When Johansen asked about the length of Lewis' deal, he said on the Bill Cunningham Show Tuesday afternoon that he wasn't sure if the question had been asked and decided to ask it.

“You keep asking, and I don’t think the answer’s going to change. It’s as long as any other coach, or longer. It’s long enough to protect him in his position. I would say this: I think we’re going to have a better year next year, and it might get longer than that real fast.”

The length of the deal was already on by the time Monday's press conference began and for some reason, Brown reacted to the question as if the Bengals computer network was under assault from WikiLeaks while Julian Assange was twirling his mustache with a ridiculously over-performed evil laugh.

According to a tweet from Joe Reedy, Lewis' deal is two years (in case you didn't catch that) for $6.5 million. Now Brown is frantically looking for a place to hide his document that's headlined, "Evil ways to take over the world."