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Ochocinco's Option In 2011 Picked Up "A Long Time Ago"

One way to know that the offseason is here? Things get more interesting with Chad Ochocinco.

There were questions as to whether or not the team option written into Chad Ochocinco's contract had already been picked up. If the Bengals picked him up for 2011, they owe him $6 million. If not, they let him walk with $3.5 million into free agency. That question no longer applies. According to Joe Reedy's tweet, Ochocinco had his option "exercised a long time ago" and that he is under contract for 2011.

Our very own reader bengaljohnboy provides more details.

But that doesn't necessarily mean that Ochocinco will be with the Bengals in 2011. There's always the question of trading the wide receiver for a late third-day pick (5th round or later). There's also the security clause, making sure the younger wide receivers are healthy and ready heading into the regular season -- which we don't see because that would screw Chad out of a chance to start the season with a new team. Of course, the more pessimistic people will say that there won't be a season in 2011 due to CBA issues and then the really pessimistic people will say that 2012 is the end of the world. So this year's Super Bowl is it.

There's also the question if Chad can coexist with Marvin. It just never ends.