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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Wild Card Weekend Features Intriguing Matchups

The AFC North will be represented in the first game of Sunday's Wild Card game between the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs. Many will favor the Chiefs for two reasons. One, the Chiefs finished finished 4-12 the previous year, only to win nine games and the division title the following season, reminding people that the turn-around for team is fairly short. Two, fans just hate the Ravens and there's no force in the world to cheer for the Ravens.

And the weekend ends with probably the best matchup of the weekend between the Packers and the Eagles. Green Bay, finishing the season with a powerful defense faces the Eagles offense that started slowing down slightly as the season ended.

Which teams do you have?


Game Kickoff Network Winner Score
Ravens at Chiefs 1pm CBS Ravens 23-20
Packers at Eagles 4:30pm FOX Packers 27-24