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Boldest Fans: The Great Readers Of Cincy Jungle

Several weeks ago we requested nominations for the Boldest Fan on our great website, asking who stands out the most amongst yourselves? Would a commenter defend the actions of Mike Brown and his selections? What about someone that during consecutive weeks defends that not-so-easily to defend decisions of our fearless head coach Marvin Lewis? We received plenty good nominations.

In reality aren't we all bold? Readers and commenters sneaking away internet time at work, to read about our favorite sports team? Hours Weeks Months of discussion, debating, arguing the NFL draft and the embrace of that punishing feeling we feel as the opening hours of free agency fade away as the Bengals make no moves to satisfy our vicious hunger for the team to respond in free agency immediately.

Fighting off the ridiculous demands at work, or to take out the trash at home, our Boldest Fan award goes to all of you, the great readers and commenters of Cincy Jungle, not giving a care when the browser opens up and your favorite team is displayed with the Bengal tiger overlooking the river in the top left cover. We thank you for everything.