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Play Of The Game: Bernard Scott's Fourth Quarter Touchdown Run

The Cincinnati Bengals offense rested at Jacksonville's two-yard line as the two minute warning was set to expire. Losing by four points (20-16) after a depressing 74-yard touchdown reception by Jason Hill six minutes prior, the Bengals had two opportunities to punch the football into the end zone to take a three-point lead. A field goal did no good; the Bengals had to score a touchdown.

Andy Dalton lined up in shotgun with Jerome Simpson wide left, Andre Caldwell in the slot to the right and A.J. Green flanked out wide right. Bernard Scott flanked Dalton's right with Brian Leonard on his left.

Dalton kicked his leg, looked to his right, shouting instructions. Perhaps an A.J. Green fade to the right, or a high pass to Simpson forcing the receiver to use his leaping ability to out-jump the corner. Maybe Andre Caldwell runs a pivot route like he did on the previous play, faking an out-route and sliding in like we saw T.J. Houshmandzadeh run so many times. Hey. At least it wasn't going to be a shovel pass (am I right?).

Kyle Cook snaps the football and the offensive line shows pass block, while Brian Leonard shoots through the A-Gap to Cook's right. Linebacker Daryl Smith lined up wide right to show a pass rush, effectively taking himself out of the play even before the snap. Nate Livings allows the pass block to continue, pushing Jeremy Mincey out as if making a natural pocket.

Cook's block on defensive tackle Terrance Knighton eventually led into Jacksonville's safety Dwight Lowery, who approached the line of scrimmage once he read the run, neutralizing any pursuit and opening the lane for Scott to score the game-winning touchdown.

It was a great play call from offensive coordinator Jay Gruden and fantastic read by Scott finding the opening lane. But the play doesn't work if not for the offensive line, specifically Kyle Cook and Nate Livings' block to open the gap between them.