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FanPost Of The Day: Fill Up Paul Brown Stadium And Support The Bengals

Cincy Jungle reader Luke generated a FanPost titled, "Let's get down to PBS to support the Bengals!" on Monday that's bringing about some conversation; the same indifference from some that no matter what they're refusing to buy tickets to a team owned by Mike Brown. In all honesty it's an argument I hate getting into because suggesting that fans should go to games isn't my business. Tickets are a lot of money and demanding that fans support the Bengals by investing that much money isn't something I'm comfortable with. It's your money.

The problem is that Mike Brown is going to be around and refusing to purchase tickets in the unlikely event that the team signs a general manager or that Brown steps down, isn't going to generate the overall desired result that many hope it accomplishes. Winning is nice but it isn't the primary factor for fans to return; five games in 2009 were granted extensions by the league, eventually sold out thanks to local corporate help purchasing in bulk the remaining tickets.

At the same time you like these players. They're young, tough and resilient. You can't help but feel you're letting them down by leaving over 20,000 seats unoccupied during games played at Paul Brown Stadium. Thankfully the players play for themselves and their comrades.

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