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Decision On Cedric Benson's Suspension Not Likely Coming This Week

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It appears to be a waiting game at this point. Bengals running back Cedric Benson was reportedly sent a letter telling him about a three-game suspension due to his Texas assault during the NFL lockout. Benson appealed the suspension and the NFL, as of this posting, has yet to make their decision public (if one has even been made).

Benson is scheduled to meet with the National Labor Relations Board on Tuesday to "discuss his unfair practice charge against the NFL Players Association." Due to the significance this could have against the NFL Players Association, the league may hold off on making a decision for Benson's suspension; especially true because historically if the league doesn't notify respective teams by Tuesday night of their decision then that player will be eligible due to the unfairness it would be for teams to adjust after game plans are implemented.

As to whether Bengals fans are happy or not about Benson's staying power during a pending suspension, well that's another matter.