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NFL Week Six Power Rankings: Bengals Continue Surging Up

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When you win football games, your proverbial power rankings improve. For a team that was ranked in the 30s before the first week of the NFL season, a 3-2 start (including a road win in Jacksonville and a blemish on Buffalo's undefeated record) will push those impressions up. Including Peter King, who ranked the Bengals in his top-15, others are taking notice. For example Pro Football Talk jumped the Bengals seven posts to 14th writing: "Somewhere, Carson Palmer is sitting on the floor of a room, turning a lamp on and off repeatedly." Two experts ranked the Bengals as high as 12th.

Brian Billick, not as quick to jump on the Bengals bandwagon, writes:

After Cam Newton, Andy Dalton is the most impressive rookie quarterback. This is a team that has long forgotten the days of Carson Palmer, Chad Ochocinco and Terrell Owens. It is now all about Dalton, A.J. Green and Jermaine Gresham . . . and they are better off for it

How did the Bengals rank?

Power Rankings Placement LW
SB Nation 16th 21st
ESPN's Power Rankings 20th 21st
Pete Prisco ( 18th 22nd 16th 21st
Pro Football Talk 14th 21st
Brian Billick (FoxSports) 20th 22nd
Your Heart 1st 1st