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Jason La Canfora: "Bengals Could Be An Intriguing Team"

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As many are doing right now,'s Jason La Canfora looks at the Bengals upcoming schedule, saying that "they could be intriguing team". For a team so many labeled the worst in the NFL, with 32nd place power rankings to boot, the Cincinnati Bengals have won three of their first five games, all coming from behind at some point in the second half. That's our boy's moxie this year.

La Canfora writes:

Looking at the schedule, the Bengals could be an intriguing team. They still have games with Seattle, Arizona, Cleveland and St. Louis. And, yes, they have to play the Steelers and Ravens twice more, but remember it wasn't that long ago the Bengals won eight straight in the AFC North. It's also worth noting that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has struggled mightily against the Bengals, with nine picks in six games and a poor 62 rating.

Cincinnati's eight-game winning streak against the AFC North included the season sweep in 2009, beating the Steelers, Ravens and Browns six times.