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Decision on Benson's Suspension Appeal Could Take Another Few Weeks

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Cedric Benson has been going to great lengths in hopes of avoiding a suspension that was imposed on him nearly three weeks ago. This suspension was based on an altercation that Benson had in Austin, Texas during this last offseason.

After he was informed of the impending three-game suspension, he spoke to his legal counsel and was advised to file an "Unfair Labor Practice Charge" against the NFL. Benson claimed that Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL had no right to suspend him for a legal issue during a period when the NFL was shut down during the labor dispute that occurred this offseason.

Benson met with the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) on Tuesday and it appears that it will be an even longer wait to get a definitive answer about his appeal. According to sources at the NLRB, it could take another three or four weeks before a decision is made about Benson's appeal.

Whether or not this means the Bengals can count on Benson to be available to play over the next two or three games (their bye week is in week seven) is yet to be seen. But, if the last couple of weeks are any indication, with this news it looks as if the team won't be losing him any time soon.