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Mike Brown Still "Mum" on Possible Trade of Carson Palmer

As if we haven't had enough of these updates already. But, with the early season success that the Cincinnati Bengals have had with rookie quarterback Andy Dalton at the helm, the "trade Carson Palmer now" crowd has come out in full force. This is especially true this week as the Bengals have a winning record with Dalton and the NFL trade deadline coming in a week.

Bengals Owner/General Manager Mike Brown was in attendance of ownership meetings in Houston, Texas and caught up with NFL Network's Steve Wyche. When Wyche asked Brown about any changes of heart he might have regarding a possible trade of his former franchise quarter back, Brown simply replied "I don't have a thing to say about that." also weighed in on the issue and contended that the Bengals have no real reason to trade Carson Palmer until next offseason. This contention makes sense because teams may be inclined to be a bit more aggressive with their plans, as well as having a full offseason to integrate Palmer into said team's offense. Some may agree with this argument, others may not.

While we expect little movement on this front during 2011, stay tuned to see. With this team, you never know what's around the corner.