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Matt Williamson's Ten Observations Between The Bengals And Colts

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One of our loyal readers and commenters, Cry, noted that Scouts Inc. analysis Matt Williamson gave the Cincinnati Bengals the advantage at virtually every position for this weekend's game between the Bengals and the Indianapolis Colts. According to Williamson, the only position between Bengals and Colts where Indianapolis is superior is on the defensive line. Quarterback, running back, wide receiver, offensive line, linebacker, defensive backs, special teams and even coaches are viewed as a favorable advantage for this weekend's game.

A quick view of his ten observations (In$ider) for this weekend are as follows:

  1. Get something going on the ground for the Indianapolis Colts.
  2. Pressure and hit rookie quarterback Andy Dalton.
  3. Protect Colts quarterback Curtis Painter.
  4. Hit big plays -- like throwing a prayer to Pierre Garcon.
  5. Matchup to watch: Colts TE Dallas Clark vs. Bengals FS Reggie Nelson
  6. Dominate time of possession: "Indianapolis has a very difficult time sustaining offense and experiences too many three-and-out situations. Meanwhile, their defense is undersized and built for speed. They can wear down easily if left on the field too long against a power running game like Cincinnati's."
  7. Bengals offensive linemen need to get to the second level: "While there is a lot to like about what they have done, taking on bigger blockers is not their forte. Cincinnati features a big, powerful offensive line that just got Bobbie Williams back from suspension to solve their problems at right guard."
  8. Get the football to A.J. Green.
  9. ..and Jermaine Gresham.
  10. Matchup to watch: Colts DE Dwight Freeney vs. Bengals left tackle Andrew Whitworth: "Whitworth is having another tremendous season, but for some reason, he rarely gets his proper recognition. Freeney is an all-time great who hasn't lost a thing. Keep your eyes glued to this showdown."