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Cedric Benson On The Rushing Offense: Performance Against Jacksonville "Won't Happen Again"

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Bengals running back Cedric Benson posted 53 yards rushing on Sunday during Cincinnati's 30-20 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. It wasn't his best performance, without a doubt, but the team won and his 2.21 yards/rush average still provided some push to give Cincinnati their win on Sunday, milking the clock and securing the football during the four downs that nearly expired the fourth quarter. So when asked about the rushing offense on Sunday, he was happy the team got the win, right?

"It’s just guys weren’t having their best day, and in my honest opinion that won’t happen again. That’s the biggest motivation for us. I don’t think anyone is proud, or feels good about the outcome offensively last week."

Good for him. Keep that fire constantly churning for growth and greater production as the season goes along; you have to like that never-be-satisfied attitude. The Bengals currently sport the league's 18th best rushing offense, averaging 107.6 yards/game, tied for 20th with a 4.0 yard/rush average.

Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden elected to use Bernard Scott rather than Benson during Cincinnati's game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter; which has more to do with the fact that they used shotgun formation to trick the Jaguars into an obvious passing situation. And it worked brilliantly; more so than those damned shovel passes.