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Cincinnati Bengals 2012 Opponents Announced

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Every year the Cincinnati Bengals play six division games against the Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Ravens and Cleveland Browns; that's not really news now, is it? Additionally, like all NFL teams, the Bengals play opponents based on a rotation of divisions; for example this year it's the AFC South and the NFC East with the remaining games against the Denver Broncos and Buffalo Bills.

Next year's rotation will be against the AFC West and the NFC East with the final two games being a home game against the AFC East and an away game against the AFC South with the opponent for both dictated on finishes in the same position within their respective divisions.

Here's Cincinnati's 2012 opponents:

Home Away
Baltimore Ravens Baltimore Ravens
Cleveland Browns Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers Pittsburgh Steelers
Denver Broncos Kansas City Chiefs
Oakland Raiders San Diego Chargers
Dallas Cowboys Philadelphia Eagles
New York Giants Washington Redskins
AFC East AFC West