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Caption Contest: The Nominations are In, Time to Vote

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Every week we see some funny looking pictures in our story editor and we decided it might be fun to do a caption contest. If you don't know, the way it works is we post a picture and then you get to make a caption for it. If that caption is "nominated," usually by a "+1" or if it's "Rec'ed," we take it, along with the other nominated captions and allow you to vote for it. That said, here are the nominated captions for the above picture:

@btcoop71: "Look Hall does his Nick Saban impersonation."
OregonBengalsFan: "GO GO ROCKET ASS!"
Derek Holthaus: "Imma Come at you like a spider monkey!"
jim0ijk: "If Hall sticks the landing, he's got the gold medal"
BengalsFranchiseMadden: "Look at me boys! Almost as high as Jerome!"
supergrover: "Starburst, Taste the Rainbow"
TruWhoDey: "Breaking News: Super Mario Brothers 12 to feature new "Bengal Suit""
Jconn77: "I don't need Jerome Simpson to get high"
ItsAlwaysSunnyInDayton: "Crouching Leon, Hidden Receiver"
Alexneyer: "And here we see Leon, perfecting the leonard leap"

Voting will close at Midnight on Sunday.