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Bernard Scott Fined $5K for Throwing Ball Into Stands After Touchdown Against Jaguars

On a third-and-goal play from the Jaguars two-yard line, Bernard Scott stood next to Andy Dalton in the backfield. Dalton took the snap in shotgun and handed the ball to Scott and Scott took it into the end zone. That touchdown gave the Bengals a late fourth-quarter lead and was only Scott's second rushing touchdown of his career. In celebration, Scott threw the ball up into the stands.

That ball could cost Scott $5,000.

Scott, who was apparently aiming the ball at his family, who were sitting in the upper deck (the ball didn't go that far), says that if he knew that he was going to get fined, he never would have thrown the ball.

"If I knew it was a fine, I never would have done it," Scott said. "That’s a lot of money."

Scott is going to appeal the fine. A fan thew the ball back on the field and Scott believes that maybe he can make that a part of the appeal process. Either way, he says he has to appeal the fine because, "it's worth a shot."