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Bengals Legend Anthony Munoz On Left Tackle Andrew Whitworth

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Anthony Munoz is the greatest offensive tackle to play the game. Perhaps that's a bit of an overstatement, but my practical and impartial mind doesn't care. Along with being Cincinnati's lone Hall of Famer, Munoz is an 11-time Pro Bowler and nine-time First-Team All-Pro with four receiving touchdowns in his career. So it's not a stretch.

On Wednesday Munoz spoke with Geoff Hobson on about left tackle Andrew Whitworth:

“When Whit came out, I remember they said he was only a guard and that he couldn’t pay tackle,” Muñoz said Wednesday. “With him it was his talent. With me, it was my knee. They said I wouldn’t last my rookie year. When I watch Whit now, I chuckle a little bit because of what they said.”

“He always seems to be in position no matter how quick the guy is across from him,” Muñoz said. “He doesn’t get himself in bad situations. I was watching (Jets left tackle) D’Brickashaw Ferguson in a game this year and when he got out of position, he was athletic enough to recover. I’d rather have a guy like Whit that I know is going to be in the right spot all the time and knows how to get into position.”

According to Pro Football Focus, Whitworth is currently listed as the league's second best left tackle behind New England's Matt Light; and if not for Whitworth's struggles against the Jacksonville Jaguars rush defense and allowing a quarterback sack, he most likely would be listed as the league's best.

As for Munoz, a little video (if you don't mind Spanish):