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Cedric Benson Doesn't Buy Two-Back System To Save Wear On His Body

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Bengals running back Cedric Benson, whose suspension is currently in limbo while the NLRB makes a ruling against the NFLPA, recently said that Cincinnati's rushing performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars won't happen again. Specifically his 54 yards rushing -- because Bernard Scott did score a rushing touchdown late in the game. And after Cincinnati's surprising upset win over the Buffalo Bills, Benson remarked that hinted at some frustration after only posting eight first half rushes.

"Often times you want to express how you feel about something but sometimes people don’t want to receive it the right way or how they receive it could be confusing or cause some conflict. There’s guys who make those calls who put us in a position to win."

The team's feature back would go on to post 104 yards rushing on 19 carries. This week Benson added that the two-back system designed to reduce wear doesn't apply to him.

"I don’t want to hear anybody try to tell me I’m going to wear down because of hits or something," Benson said. "I do a lot of stuff to make sure I’m ready to go every week."

There's actually truth to that. Benson is a workhorse and he does take a pounding. Dating back to the start of the 2009 season, Benson has played 29 games and rushed the football 723 times for an average 21.3 rushes/game. Cincinnati's inability to find a workhorse that would replace him is largely why the Bengals signed Benson to a $3 million contract (with $2 million in incentives), even with an open assault charge during the offseason.

Benson is currently ranked eighth in the NFL with 401 yards rushing and second with 101 carries.