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Bengals Early Bird Special: Less Than One Day Until Bengals Battle Colts

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Good morning everyone! For once sleep in and don't worry about what's going on. It's almost Sunday, which means football. But for those of you that enjoy college football, well enjoy.

There's only one day to go until the Bengals square-off against Indianapolis. And in all honesty this is a game that the Bengals should win.


Here are my keys for the game.

  1. Move the ball and convert on third down. In wins the Bengals have converted over 40 percent of their third downs. But in loses they haven't even converted ten percent of their third down situations. That's a major difference. So if the Bengals can convert on third down then their odds of winning increase.
  2. Stay healthy. This is going to be key week-in and week-out. The Bengals are already without one of their defensive leaders in Rey Maualuga. If anyone else goes down with an injury, depending on who it is, then it could be detrimental to the team's success.
  3. Put pressure on Curtis Painter. If the Bengals don't put pressure on him and give him more time in the pocket then he might be able to complete more passes. However, if the Bengals put a lot of pressure on him then I can envision them winning easily. Painter has been less than stellar this season. But I will admit that he has done an adequate job filling in for Peyton Manning.
  4. Discover their running game. Or at least some sort of consistency with the ground attack. Some people don't think the Bengals have an issue with the run game. But I think there is a problem. And it starts with the lack of consistency. It's either a hit or miss with the ground assault
  5. Cause some turnovers. The Bengals have one interception this season. And it was defensive end Michael Johnson. Really? Leon Hall and Nate Clements have yet to make an interception. Their lack of turnovers is somewhat of a concern for me. Yeah the defense is ranked number one, but the primary cornerbacks don't have any interceptions through five games. I hope that changes tomorrow.

My prediction for Sunday. The Bengals keep the Colts out of the win column by beating them 27-20.

Alright here is a look at what you may have missed or overlooked from Friday.