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Colts Offense Gashes Bengals Top-Ranked Defense And Ties The Game At Seven

Interestingly enough, cornerback Nate Clements returned Indianapolis' first punt of the afternoon, who fair caught the punt at the Bengals 12-yard line. Much like Cincinnati's first series of the game, after consecutive runs on the first two downs (this time with Bernard Scott), the Bengals were unable to pick up a first down. However they did have it at one point, after a 16-yard reception by Andre Caldwell that was called back after he was flagged for offensive pass interference. Third-and-14 from the Bengals eight-yard line, Dalton completes a bubble screen to Andrew Hawkins on the left, picking up seven yards. Kevin Huber punts a line drive that bounced for a 53-yard kick to the Colts 34-yard line with 22 seconds remaining in the first quarter.

And then the Colts offense just pounded the Cincinnati defense, who are not getting of blocks, closing lanes and playing well off wide receivers in pass coverage.

Eight-yard Dallas Clark reception, a three-yard third down conversion by Carter, an 11-yard, nine-yard and seven-yard Pierre Garcon receptions, nine-yard Donald Brown run before a second-and-one from the Bengals 18-yard line. Donald Brown takes the handoff on a sweep to the right and runs uncontested (read, untouched) into the end zone to tie the game at seven.