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Nate Clements Blocks Adam Vinatieri 52-Yard Field Attempt

Cincinnati once held a 13-point lead entering the fourth quarter. Through the first five minutes in the fourth, the Indianapolis Colts reduced their deficit to three points after a field goal and touchdown during two scoring drives that picked up 126 yards on 19 plays. It's starting to feel like a nervous disaster. Cincinnati's offense followed that up with a Donald Lee hold, pushing the Bengals back to their own 10-yard line. The Bengals were unable to restore the roar on the possession, picking up 11 yards on consecutive passes to Andre Caldwell (seven yards) and A.J. Green (four yards). With nine yards needed on third down and just under eight minutes remaining in the game, Dalton completes a five-yard reception to Jermaine Gresham, compounded with a 13-yard personal foul on Kyle Cook for a late hit.

The Colts start from their own 40-yard line and less than seven minutes remaining in the game after the punt. A wide receiver screen to Pierre Garcon was stopped by Brandon Johnson for a limited two-yard gain, followed with an incomplete pass to Austin Collie. The wide receiver would pick up the first down eventually on the following play on a quick pass for an eight-yard gain. Painter is now dominating the Bengals defense, following that up with a 16-yard pass to Dallas Clark. A limited gain by Donald Brown is followed with an incomplete pass setting up a third down and ten with 5:47 remaining in the game.

Painter takes the third down shotgun snap, releasing the football as Chris Crocker hits the quarterback and over throwing Pierre Garcon near the right sidelines. Adam Vinatieri attempts a 52-yard field goal and the kick if blocked by Nate Clements after the snap was bobbled by the holder. Bengals take over possession.