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Offensive Rookie Of The Year Race Down To Two Quarterbacks?

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Two rookie quarterbacks started their respective team's first regular season game, launching their careers with starts every week since; Cincinnati Bengals' Andy Dalton and Carolina Panthers' Cam Newton. And there's more than a good chance that the offensive rookie of the year award will come down to these two men; with Newton putting together the more impressive statistics and Dalton putting together the more relevant ones -- wins.

Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green could factor into consideration, on pace to post 77 receptions for 1,208 yards receiving and nearly 11 touchdowns receiving. For now the Andy Dalton and Cam Newton comparisons.

  Andy Dalton Cam Newton
Wins 4* 1
Completions 118 134
Attempts 189 229
Pct. Complete 62.4 58.4
Yards 1,311 1,847
Avg./Att 6.9 8.1
Touchdowns 7 7
Interceptions 5 9
Passer Rating 84.3 78.3
Rushing Yards 19 210
Rushing Touchdowns 1 6

* Started against the Cleveland Browns but left at half time with an injury while the Bengals were losing by one point.